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The Talks on
Neonatology & Pediatrics

Day 1: Patient-centred innovation: friendship between technology & humanity

Day 2: The overlooked role of sleep in childhood

September 03-04, 2020, Aranjuez, Madrid, Spain

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The Pediatric Talks

Today’s children live in a time of accelerated social environment and the financial system of neonatal healthcare and other medical service systems across the globe is undergoing heavy changes. So, the training for Pediatricians training programs is exploring the right blend of experience, ability, attitude, and knowledge to prepare tomorrow’s pediatricians for the new challenges and morbidities that they will face in coming days. So, to get more insights about the field THE TALKS is coming up with an initiative and we are calling it THE TALKS ON NEONATOLOGY & PEDIATRICS.

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Dates to Remember

Abstract Submission Starts

June 25, 2019

Abstract Submission Deadline

July 31, 2020

Early Bird Registration Deadline

March 06, 2020

Sessions at Forum


Clinical Pediatrics

Pediatric and Neonatal Ophthalmology

Maternal-Foetal& Neonatal Medicine

Neonatal and Pediatric Nursing

Midwifery and Women’s Health

Pregnancy & Childbirth

Neonatal, Foetal and Pediatric Nutrition

Infant Behaviour and Development

Ethical Issues and Neonatology in Future

Supporting Association

The German Sleep Society (DGSM) is devoted to sleep research and sleep medicine. The objectives are research on sleep and sleep disorders as well as development of clinical diagnosis and therapy of sleep-wake disorders. The causes of sleep-wake disorders may be of psychic or organic nature. We can distinguish dyssomnias, parasomnias and sleep disorders associated with organic and psychiatric disorders.

The German Sleep Society is an interdisciplinary society with members being physicians specialized in pneumology, internal medicine, neurology, psychiatry, ENT-medicine, pediatrics as well as scientists of physiology, pschology, biology and other natural sciences.

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Venue & Location
Aranjuez, Madrid, Spain

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Oxfordshire, England.
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